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Accreditation and Approval Bodies

At the centre of our commitment to quality in all our laboratory practices, Lancaster Laboratories has achieved accreditation and approval by the major regulatory bodies for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. We receive frequent audits from these regulatory bodies.

We are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board to the International Standard 17025. Cert NO. 004T.

  • The microbiology and chemistry departments are accredited to ISO17025 by the Irish National Accreditation Board (lNAB) - certificates 004T .
  • Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and Department of the Marine approval for a range of analyses.
  • Irish Medicines Board (IMB) approval for performing contract analyses for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Inspected and registered by the FDA as a contract laboratory to serve the pharmaceutical industry.
  • EPA approved laboratory for a range of environmental tests.
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2000 for Equipment Validation Services.

Quality Assurance

The policy of Lancaster Laboratories is to carry out all work to the highest achievable standard. To this end we have a fully documented quality system that incorporates the necessary requirements of cGMP. At the centre of our commitment to quality in all of our laboratory practices, we have achieved accreditation and approval by the major regulatory bodies for the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

When we started trading in 1986 our goals were to provide an independent, quality-driven analysis service to various industries. These goals have not changed over the years and we remain committed to this philosophy. Today, every employee has a responsibility for maintaining the high quality of service we provide to our customers.

How We Assure Quality

Every employee is responsible for assuring that the company’s quality standards are met. We approach our quality drive from a “whole company” point of view, as we believe that high quality is achieved through teamwork involving all personnel. This approach also means our suppliers are carefully monitored to ensure they can match our quality standards.

Quality From Start To Finish

Our quality system encompasses all aspects of our business from the initial contact with a potential customer through to sample collection, testing and issuing of results and finally, follow up.

Every team member receives initial and ongoing training in quality assurance regardless of the area in which they work. We also carry out extensive internal and external quality control on all our work.

Quality assurance does not stop once the test reports are sent to the customer. We are constantly self-inspecting our organisation through a comprehensive internal audit system to ensure ongoing implementation of our quality policy. There are a number of initiatives in place whereby we calculate the quality of the tests we perform and continuously monitor the improvements we make to our systems.

Our Quality Policy

Our policy is to operate to the highest achievable standards in all areas of work undertaken. To this end we have a fully documented quality system. This system incorporates the necessary requirements of cGMP. Our aim is to give accurate results to customers in the shortest possible time. Whenever possible we work to internationally recognised methods. If these are not available, fully documented in-house methods are implemented or alternatively we can facilitate customer methods.

Quality & Our Customers

our QA function works very closely with our Customer Services function to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customers. We understand our customers have their own quality systems and standards and so we will always endeavour to complement those systems and standards and work with the customer to help harmonise their operations.

We welcome visits from our customers for system inspection and to see first hand how our quality initiative is integrated throughout the whole organisation. We also welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions from our customers on all aspects of the service we provide.