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Lancaster Laboratories offers a number of flexible electronic reporting options to its clients:

Online Submission of Samples (Analysis Request Forms)

Automatic Analysis Request Form is validated In-house built system, allowing clients to pre-book samples details directly into the Lancaster Laboratory’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) using a client installed software component. 

The system is particularly beneficial to clients who have a large number of samples for testing, a diverse range of sample types or those who use codes in place of sample names. The system has a number of powerful advantages to improve and streamline the sample booking experience.


  • End user has a screen view of what has been logged.
  • Tracking of samples by Lot/Batch number, Product Type and Description
  • Tracking status of results
  • Trending of results
  • Trending of Turnaround Times
  • Notification of sample receipt
  • Automatic generation of packing slip
  • Same username and password as for Web Reporting System


  • Eliminates data transcription errors
  • Time Saving benefit
  • Easy submission of routine/repeat testing
End user can submit multiple sample types at one time

Secure Web Based Reporting System

Login to the Microchem Web Reporting System

The Lancaster Laboratories Web Reporting System offers a powerful, secure method of generating certificates of analysis, trending result data and importing data directly into a client’s IT system.

A client receives a username and password to access their data when they sign up for this service.

The Web Reporting System has 2 distinct functions:

Instant Reports:

  • When analysis is complete, an email notification is sent to the client with a direct link to the report on the secure Lancaster Laboratories website.
  • The client enters their Username and Password and this generates the Certificate of Analysis in PDF format.

Dedicated Service Centre:
The Dedicated Service Centre is a one stop shop where the user can generate reports for any historical results.

Features of Web System

  • Reports are kept in a secure database on the Lancaster Laboratories Website and can be viewed according to sample type, sample description, Batch Number, PO number etc against a selected date range.
  • Email link sent 10 minutes after authorisation of results
  • Trending of results is also a feature. A line graph can be created against a date range to trend sample type, sample description, test or batch number.
  • Export results into clients database
  • Export results into MS Excel
  • Give access to multiple people within your organisation
  • The system is 100% secure with a username and password credentials, intruder lockout, and a full audit trail of user activity.
  • Validated to FDA 21 CFR part 11 and IMB Annex 11 Standards

Benefits of Web System

  • Powerful and flexible reporting options
  • Trend analysis
  • Exporting of results to MS Excel and importing into client’s database, saving time and any transcription errors

Email Attachments

  • Certificates of analysis can be emailed directly from our LIMS systems as PDF attachments if required.

Integration into Clients Purchasing Systems:

Lancaster Laboratories can work closely with clients to integrate purchasing systems with the lab’s IT system. This would provide significant efficiencies across the systems of both companies. 

An example below is the integration into a Client’s SAP system:
The key steps in the process are:

    • All tests are created in the SAP system together with agreed prices.
    • Test Orders are generated within SAP, and automatically exported in XML format to a secure FTP location.
    • These XLM files are automatically imported into the Lab’s LIMS as unreceived samples.
    • Relevant client users are emailed confirmation of receipt of order.
    • Once testing is completed, results are exported by the Lab’s LIMS in XML format to a secure FTP location.
    • These XLM files are automatically imported into the client SAP as completed results, and are visible to the relevant client users.
    • Orders are then processed for payment and no invoicing is required.

The advantages of integration are as follows:

Order generation is internal to SAP.  No generation of order paperwork etc. is required.  This provides considerable time and labour savings on order generation.

  • Data transcription errors are eliminated as there is no manual data entry by Lancaster Laboratories at sample receipt stage.
  • The client has instant publishing of result data to SAP - no data entry is required.
  • Simplified payment / invoice receipt process.